Association Between Cosmic Ray Intensity, Geomagnetic Storm And Solar Wind Speed For The Period 2000-2005


This paper deals with the association between cosmic ray intensity (CRI), geomagnetic storm (GS) and solar wind speed for the period 2000-2005. We have conducted a Chree analysis by the superposed epoch method. From the study, we have found that the maximum of solar wind speed, peak of GS and peak of CRI decrease in found on the same day. There is no time lag is found between these three. A high negative correlation (-0.977) is found between CRI and solar wind speed for the year 2001. The average anti-correlation between CRI and solar wind speed is found to be -0.642. A very high correlation (0.931) is also found between CRI and GS for the year 2001. The correlation between CRI and GS is found to be 0.809 for the period 2000-2005.

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