Current Voltage (I-V) Characteristics Of CdS/PVK Nanocomposites


CdS is a well known inorganic semiconductor. Hybrids of CdS nanoclusters and PVK promise both the excellent carrier generation efficiency and mobility of the inorganic semiconductor and the processibility of the organic polymer [1-5]. CdS/PVK nanocomposites have been successfully prepared by chemical method. The optical and electrical properties of nanomaterials can be controlled by their particle size and therefore attracted much interest for their fundamental and applied aspects [6-10]. The size of the particle was varied with different CdS loading. The XRD pattern showed that the CdS nanoparticles has zinc blend structure and line broadening suggests the formation of amorphous compound. The broadening of peaks tends to increase with decreasing CdS loading showing decrease in particle size. The crystalline size is found to be in range of 03 to 12 nm. Absorption measurements reveal blue shifting of absorption edge from bulk CdS. The V-I studies show the linear relationship between current and voltage which indicates the ohmic nature that is there is ohmic contact between samples and electrodes.

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